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Actelis Networks accelerates the expansion of connected devices and systems by maximising the infrastructure already existing in the network. Their cyber and temperature hardened solutions can be deployed in just hours and save clients a tremendous amount of money on construction and engineering, enabling and extending Gigabit network connectivity even to very remote and hard to reach locations.

Maximizing Your Existing Network Infrastructure for Faster Broadband and IoT Deployments

Actelis’ solutions are utilised in over 40 countries and have been deployed for a wide variety of networking applications including intelligent transportation systems, smart rail systems, utilities monitoring, military base modernisation, residential and business broadband, and more.

Providing Reliable Connectivity for Distributed Intelligent Networks Serving Vertical Markets

April 13, 2015

Fremont, California: Actelis Networks, the high performance broadband over copper company, announces the availability of the first two products in its new Industrial Ethernet switching portfolio. That portfolio, announced separately today, targets ITS, surveillance, business and government campus networks and selected applications in railway, pipeline and utility networks. By combining an Industrial Ethernet switching design with Actelis field-proven, innovative and standards based technology, network operators can get more bandwidth to more places reliably and cost effectively.

The ML680Dx series platforms feature small form factor, full front-access design, and fan-less operation, and are environmentally hardened to withstand temperatures ranging from – 40 degrees F / C and +165 F / +74 C. The first platform, the Actelis ML684D Industrial Ethernet Switch, fits in space constrained, unventilated cabinets or vaults, has a DIN rail mount, and can be optionally placed in an enclosure and mounted on poles or on a wall. It is already deployed in live networks, and is currently in process at multiple customer trials.

Efficiently transporting up to 30 Mbps of reliable bandwidth over 2 bonded copper twisted pairs, the ML680dx connects devices such as HD cameras, sensors, and traffic, environmental, or other controllers. The bandwidth can be distributed to serve multiple locations using ERPS rings, or with a linear drop-and-continue topology. The ML684D offers multiple 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces as well as 2 SFP ports at each node, and can also transport up to 60 Mbps when deployed point to point using 4 bonded pairs.

Traffic from HD cameras, a variety of intelligent sensors, traffic controllers, WiFi base stations, environmental control systems, and alarms can be reliably/effectively back-hauled over either 2 or 4 pairs of bonded copper, or a 1G fibre uplink. The ML684D provides network connectivity over bonded copper or fibre, giving network operators flexibility in deployment today and a smooth future migration path from copper to fibre.

The second platform now available, the ML680DF, offers the same design, features and functionality as the ML684D, but provides a cost optimised platform for where only fibre backhaul is needed. Together, the ML684D and ML684DF provide a solution for extending additional bandwidth to more locations in the network using either broadband over bonded copper exclusively, or leveraging fibre where it exists in mixed copper/fibre networks. The two platforms are managed under one unified element management system, the Actelis MetaASSIST EMS and MetaASSIST View GUI.

Both the ML684D and ML684DF are compatible with Actelis ML2300 and ML230 series aggregation units. Ongoing future development of Actelis’ Industrial Ethernet portfolio will include the additions of features and options including terminal servers, multiple serial ports, additional fibre interfaces, plus ModeB and/or standards-based IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE). 

About Actelis

Actelis Networks, the leader in high performance broadband over copper, makes G.SHDSL and VDSL2-based Ethernet First Mile (EFM) over Copper Ethernet Access Devices, innovative VDSL and ADSL broadband amplifiers that extend the bandwidth and distance capabilities of any DSLAM, and Industrial Ethernet switches. Enabling reliable delivery of high speed Ethernet services and broadband access to more customers and the back-hauling of Ethernet from more locations, Actelis turns copper into the strategic asset that optimises networks with a better mix of cost, time to market, reliability and security than fibre, microwave, or other wireless technologies can provide.

The Kenton group are a partner of Actelis Networks. For more information contact us on +44(0)1322 552000 or email us.

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